Golf holidays in Austria tell a tale of imperialism – with stunning palaces, historical museums and breathtaking cathedrals. Probably more famous for its art, music and composers, golf is definitely a secondary consideration, but one that is rapidly gaining a following among golfing circles. There’s golf in each of Austria’s eight regions with Vienna and Lower Austria having the lion’s share of fantastic courses. Just like a typical Austrian holiday, golf holidays begin in the capital city of Vienna, which is a tourist’s paradise for the number of attractions available including the Schonbrunn Palace, St Stephen’s Cathedral, The Hofburg and of course Café Sacher. From Vienna, the golf trail could take you to Salzburg, Tyrol, Upper Austria and/or Styria. However, most golfers are happy to start, stay and end in Vienna.

An Austrian golf holiday package can be combined with one in Budapest, Hungary or Bratislava, Slovakia to round off a Central European trip.

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